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Which type of T-shirt is suitable for men with different physical features?

T-SHIRTS have become a must-have item in the wardrobe of every individual. This is the main reason that you will always find the guys scrolling the cloth shopping apps to buy polo T-SHIRTS online. Polo Shirts are in trend these days. Besides these, there are other variants of the T-shirts as well, wearing by which the boys aim to rock wherever they go.

In today’s blog, we are going to facilitate our readers with the variations of the T-shirts.

  • The crew-necked t-shirt

The shirts which have circular necklines are known as crew necks. This is the commonest kind which is worn by every guy irrespective of age.


These look best on the men who are:

  • Having narrow faces (great in the horizontal length)

  • Having sloped shoulders

Why so?

The round collar is accountable for balancing the narrow face and the sloped shoulders by creating an illusion of making them emerge broader.

  • The V-Neck t-shirts

The main purpose of the neck being V-shaped is that the fabric of the shirt should not be visible when a shirt is worn over the top. You might have noticed how common it is for gents or men to wear crew neck under an unbuttoned shirt. The guys might think the round-shaped necks may emerge out to be a distraction to see the visible fabric underneath.


V-necks looks extremely good on the men who are:

  • Having rounder faces

  • Large upper body (Great Physique)

  • Having short heights

Why so?

It is because of the slimming illusion it creates to make the shirts look good on the men having round faces and the larger upper body. As far as the short men are concerned, then the illusion for the height and length can be caret.

  • The Henley (Y-Neck) T-shirt

This shirt choice is best for guys who are having well-defined chests. The guys who are having great muscular health look extremely good in them. By showing the accentuating effect on the muscular build and appearing stylish, it is the great choice of the broad body having guys.

  • The scoop neck T-Shirts

This kind of t-shirt is not preferred by everybody. Guys usually find it bothersome to figure out what to pair with these. It looks extremely good on men who are having well-defined chests. If the guy wants to wear something so comfortable because of its loose-fitting, then scoop neck t-shirts are the best choice as the lighter fabric helps them to flow freely.

  • The graphic t-shirt

This kind of shirt is so famous among the couples and friends who love to get it made by characterizing the incorporation of the specific graphics on it. You might have seen: Him or Her, Wifey or Hubby shirts

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