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Which fabrics are customarily used for manufacturing polo shirts?

Why do people prefer to buy polo t-shirts online from Boykers?

The first reason for this is that the fabric of the polo t-shirts is completely different from the normal t-shirts. Secondly, Boykers manufacture the best kind of shirts which are not only durable but are highly comfortable to wear.

How are the fabrics of the polo t-shirts made?

The fabric of which the polo shirts are made are usually the knitted ones. We have received so many emails from people, who want to know the difference between the polo t-shirts that are made of knitted material and woven material.

If you are also among them, then stay tuned with us:

What exactly is weaving?

It is the process that involves the long threads being interlaced with one another for the creation of the fabric. These threads are the ones that can be placed either horizontally or vertically.

Did you know?

The denim and the woollen fabric is woven.

Is weaving a simple process?

Based on the choice of the material, weaving can be either a simple or complex process.

What is knitting?

Many people take up knitting as a different kind of hobby. There is the only similarity between knitting and weaving and that is, both make use of threads…Lol!

In knitting, the stitches are created from a single yarn with the help of long needles.

How could I find whether the particular material is woven or knitted?

With the close view, we may get to know whether the particular material is woven or knitted. If it looks like a nice braid, then it is knitted.

Which are the most famous kinds of fabric of which the polos are made?

Nowadays, it is only the jersey and the pique material of which the polos are made.

If you want to have a piece of detailed information about these fabrics, then please stay tuned with us:

  • Jersey

It is one of the knitted fabrics that is usually used in T-shirts.

Did you know?

It was first made by Coco Chanel for outwearing purposes. You will be extremely surprised to know that initially this fabric was only used to manufacture the underwear.

Are polo shirts made up of this fabric comfortable?

Why not? Polos manufactured from the jersey material are super comfortable since these do have an extremely soft texture. As far as the physical activities are concerned, then these are giantly comfort providing and people usually love these to wear for such purposes.

  • Piqué knit

The whole credit of making it emerge as a fabric for Polo shirts goes to Lacoste. It is one of the obvious choices of the people since it helps the individual to feel comfortable by breathing well. The fabric is flexible and does get torn or faded easily.

Final Comments!

So how did you like the factual information presented in today’s blog? If you have found it interesting and want to read more such blogs like this, then please let us know.

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