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What should the individual know about the highly trending Polo T-Shirts?

By becoming a major requirement in being in the wardrobe of every man, these polo t-shirts have emerged to be a trendy fashion classic. Nowadays to complete the wardrobe with all the fashion requirements, every man is sure to buy polo T-shirts online every month. Although these are kinda smarties that give the great sporty look, still some people consider wearing these in the offices.

Who wore the polo t-Shirt for the first time?

In the 19th century, those were British army men, who wore them for the first time and named them after the famous game of polo. It was a game that originated in India.

How were polo t-Shirts made during the old times?

Back then, polo Shirts gave the similar look that any other shirt would do. The polo t-shirts were thick which were made with long-sleeved cotton.

What was the predominant difference between the polo shirts and similar shirts?

Being adapted, the polo shirts were buttoned down which helped in preventing the flapping which may occur during the horserace.

What about the sleeves of the polo t-shirts?

When the polo shirts were new, then these used to come in full sleeve fashion. No sooner, the sportspeople started finding it difficult to handle, Henry Lacoste ended up shortening the sleeves.

How did polo t-shirts become a must-to-wear while playing tennis?

For this, the entire credit goes to Fred Perry who considered wearing the white polo t-shirt during the tennis game and to make it look more authentic 7 associative, he stitched a logo on it, rather than ironing it. From there, the logo-stitching trend came into being.

How to choose which kind of polo shirt suits you?

To get the best fashion advice and to know which polo shirt is best for you (regardless of the occasion you have thought to wear it on), you should try enjoying our services. Boykers is known to make people glad about the best polo shirts that are accountable for becoming your style statement.

What’s special about us?

At Boykers, our sales executives recognize the fact that not every fabric suits every person. Keeping this thing in mind, we have instructed our staff to satisfy each of the customers with the right kind of polo shirt made with the right kind of fabric.

Which kind of polo Shirts do we have available with us?

As we have already told you, we are available with so many kinds ( different sizes and shapes) of polo shirts. These shirts are made with different kinds of materials.

What are the advantages of wearing pique polos?

The pique cotton shirts are made with the yarns of the cotton which may have a slight ribbing in them. Pique Polos are highly suitable in case the individual is having a wider physique. It is because of its make whose textured fabric hugs the body. This fabric does not accentuate the less flattering areas of the following:

  • Chest

  • Stomach

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