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Topmost and interesting facts about polo t-shirts and shirts from Boyker’s

Interesting facts about polo t-shirts and shirts

Are you in the mood for shopping? You must be thinking, is there anyone out there who does not like to shop. I love to shop online from Boyker’s. Online shopping is one such place where I can find endless varieties from different brands with various colors, styles, patterns, and designs. Amazing, isn’t it?

One such clothing item is Polo t-shirts and shirts. This clothing item is found in every wardrobe and if you don’t have it then you should go through Boyker’s website to Buy Polo Tshirt Online. If we talk about polo t-shirts or shirts there are different things which many people are not aware of. Want to know something interesting, then continue reading this blog.

Polo T-shirt and Shirt: Interesting facts you should know about

One of the options available in all sorts of different styles and variety & each of them with the finest options. When you put a polo t-shirt or shirt in your cart it is best for the fun bowling evening, or even date night. This is pretty evident, why this option is the most popular one. You know, what’s even more amazing? The polo t-shirt and shirt have been in existence since the 1900s. Let’s dive more into the world of polo t-shirts and shirts.

  • Named for designer Ralph Lauren

Polo shirts are named for the amazing Ralph Lauren as his polo is well-known. This versatile piece of the clothing item is available in sports, pullover style, and knitted. The classic rolled collar and bottoms at the neck.

  • 100% cotton

Cotton is one of the breathable and comfortable materials. This is what polo t-shirts and shirts are made of. Although there are other varieties also, you can get the one as per your liking.

  • Similar to rugby style

Polo shirt and rugby style standards options are the same. Although, instead of buttons there is a zipper and the stripes are broad which makes the design different.

  • Existence since the 20th century

The option of t-shirts in the polo has been in existence since the 20the century. Indeed! The way it can be styled and how it makes the person look have made this option a staple choice in everyone’s wardrobe.

  • Wore during WW1 (World War 1)

The polo t-shirt was first worn during WW1. The perfect choice to wear during hot days because of its comfortable, lightweight, and breathable material.

T-shirts and shirts have evolved a lot with time

The popularity of the T-shirt has grown a lot and many actors started to wear this option which automatically fascinated people. But, with time t-shirts style and the way they are worn changed a lot. The option of printing the logos on t-shirts started and the variety of Scoop neck, V-neck, muscle shirt, and tank top came into the market.

Find the best polo t-shirt or shirt options at Boyker’s

If you are looking for a polo t-shirt online, then you have come to the right place where you can find the best one which suits your look and style. What’s the wait, go shopping. We cannot wait to dispatch you, your favorite polo t-shirt.

Happy shopping!

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