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What are the top tips to choose the best t-shirt to make your look best?

Okay! So, you are going to choose a t-shirt, but you are in doubt about what option you should go for. To choose the right one you have to consider different things like design, material, and fit. Considering these things will make a lot of difference on how the t-shirt looks. Even if you are looking to Buy Polo Tshirt Online you have to consider these tips to get the best option to look your best. Let’s get started on how to find the best t-shirt which will look best on you.

Topmost tips to choose the best t-shirt

  • Choosing the right fit

If the fit is right then you will automatically notice the difference in your style. We are not saying that you have to choose a fit that is too tight that your body is not comfortable in it. It is all about choosing the right dimension in terms of the garments like dress shirt and suit. Similarly, you have to choose the t-shirt which provides you a good fit.

  • Right size and tightness

Now! The T-shirt should not be too baggy nor too tight. If you choose the one which is too big then it will be like you are wearing a pillowcase and neither your body is going to look flattering.

On the other hand, if you go with a fit that is too tight then it will look like you are wearing a child’s clothing. If you have to choose the clothes which fit your body and it should make you look flattering.

  • Consider the shoulder seams

Seams are an important part of choosing the right fit and it is where it attaches to the body & it should be properly aligned. The seam should be where the shoulder ends or towards the neck.

  • Length

The bottom hem of the t-shirt should not be higher than the hips. If it covers the waistband even then it is fine or just a few inches more than that. In case, you go with the option which is shorter than that then it will show off your back when you bend over. On the other hand, do not go with a shirt that is too long as it will look for a nightgown.

  • Sleeves

The sleeves of the T-shirt should be around halfway up the upper arm. In case, the sleeves which are more than that might look proportional only if you are tall.

  • Shape

Do not with the boxy tees which give you the look of a sandwich board with sleeves.

The properly fitted tee will be the one that hits all these boxes and if you can consider all these points then you will end up having the best option.

Which ones are the most classic-looking tees?

The classic looking tees are the one which you can get in the traditional solid colors which include the following:

  • White

Its origin is from the undershirts of soldiers and sailors. Just imagine paired with denim which will make your personality look even better than you have imagined.

  • Navy

One of the colors which will give you a sharp-look

  • Gray

One of the most flattering colors but if you sweat a lot then this is not the best choice.

  • Black

One of the options is hardest to pull off and it does take effort to pull off correctly.

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