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Tips for men’s fashion – Casual wear, Colours, Hemming, Colours, Shorts, Shoes and belts

Tips for men’s fashion - Colours, Hemming, Colours, Shorts, Shoes and belts

It is customarily observed that the wives, girlfriends and daughters are the better managers for the wardrobes of the males. Even males do accept that women know more about men’s clothing. Even when it is about casual wear the males take the opinion of the woman. Because the point of view of women about males’ wardrobe is ultimate and precise.

  • Study the catalogues

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t know what shirt goes with which kind of paint, then you should consider reading the catalogues to gain the basic but necessary knowledge.

  • Shop wisely

If you are very choosy with the clothes, whenever you are satisfied with one kind of shirt, then you should opt for buying the pairs in different but your complexion suiting colours.

  • Don’t go for extremely loose and tight clothes

It is advised that buy the clothes that benefit your physique because if you buy clothes that are either extremely tight or are loose, then you should be aware that you will end up making fun of yourself.

  • Hem the pants

Make sure that you have hemmed the pants at the bottom because flaunting the frayed pants is not all suggested.

  • Choose colours as per likings

Make sure that the colours of the outfits which you are choosing are according to your likings.

  • Do not wear the top and bottom of the same colour

You should never wear the top and the bottom clothing of the same colour because such things can make you look as terrible as it could.

For example: If you are wearing red as your T-shirt, then never wear the pants of the same colour.

  • Shoes and belts

The men should never wear different coloured shoes and bel. Like if you are wearing black shoes, do not wear the belt of brown colour.

  • Shorts should not be too short

Many men have observed to wear very short shorts. And believe me, it does not look nice. Because when you sit, it gets even more short by revealing your thighs. As far as the girls are concerned, these look good and sexy but for the males, it looks like they are wearing the pants from their childhood. So consider wearing cargo shorts.

  • Socks

The colour of the socks also matters the most for the perfect look of the guys. The males are suggested to wear white socks with the sneakers and the black with that of the formals.

Basics things which are must to be in the Guys’ wardrobe

  • Denim and Khakis
  • Shorts ( Khaki and Cargos)
  • Button-down Shirts
  • Heavyweight T-shirts
  • Black belt ( Leather)
  • Black Shoes ( Leather)
  • Short-sleeved polos


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