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Situations to wear the polos and some styling tips

The number of people who are buying polo shirts online is increasing regularly. It is because the polo shirts are highly versatile and flexible. No matter whether you are waiting for these in summer or winter, there is a specific way of making them look good. Apart from this, the polo shirts are highly suitable during these:

  • When you want to go play a game of golf

  • When it is about some outdoor event like a normal family get together or even some formal event

Polo Wearing Guide – When to wear these?

As mentioned above you can wear these at any possible event. You just need a perfect bottom and the shoes that go with it perfectly well. So are you ready to know some of the situations in which you don’t have to think even twice to wear the polo shirts?

  1. Weekend Brunch

The weekends are always lazy since our body is in the ultimate relaxing mood. And thus we do not want to wear something that our body does not find conducive to ensure wearing. And when that happens, then this is one of the situations which is called the polo shirt.

The next concern is all about the colours. We would suggest you wear the following colours:

  • Turquoise

  • Pink

What to wear at the bottom?

The choice of what to wear at the bottom thoroughly depends upon the comfort of the individual. Many boys are not comfortable with wearing knee-length shorts. While there are others for whom such pieces of clothing give heavenly comfort. Based on your likes and dislikes, you can choose whether you want to wear full-length comfortable pants or knee-length shorts.

  1. Semi-formal Dinner Date

When it is just the starting of your date and you two have not opened up with each other as the usual couples do. Then it becomes a huge matter of concern about what to wear and whatnot. Here we advise you to wear a polo shirt coupled with brown pants. Make sure you are not forgetting to wear either loafers or suede black shoes.

  1. Friday dressing

If it’s common for you to wear the checked shirt with a pair of jeans, then you are on the wrong path. Make sure you are giving yourself some time for it. When these are to be paired with the chinos along with the formal trousers, your look is both going to be extremely comfortable and the one which is quite much appropriate for the office.

Do’s and Don’ts about wearing the polos

  • No tucking, please!

Make sure not to tuck the polo t-shirt in your trousers until you are adding either the blazer or the jacket to the outfit.

  • No Baggy t-shirts

When you are wearing the polo shirts to be comfortable doing the home chores, then don’t choose the baggy one. Make sure you are choosing the one which has cuts in it and the flatters do form in it.

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