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Step-by-step professional guide to wash your favorite polo t-shirts

Wash your polo t-shirts

Polo shirts are one of the most important summer wardrobes. No doubt, it is one of the best choices to add to the wardrobe. Whether it is a casual or business look, this one piece of clothing item is the best of all. When you are pairing the polo shirts correctly and wash them in the right manner it will last for a long time & give you the best style.

No doubt, the polos are delicate, the collars can curl and if you are harsh with washing the polo t-shirt then it can make your money go in vain for the best Buy Polo T-shirt Online. Do you want your favorite polo t-shirt to get wasted? I Know…No one wants to face this situation. So, in this guide, we will help you share some steps through which you can wash your favorite polo t-shirts.

Make sure to consider the polo t-shirt fabric

The high-end brand’s polo t-shirt and shirts are made with 100% cotton, polyester, or Pima cotton. Make sure that you understand how these fabrics are different from each other and accordingly you need to wash the clothing item. When you are buying online, make sure that you check the description of what material it is, how to wash it, and all other necessary information. Whether you put your hands on cotton or Pima cotton, the material is breathable and soft.

How to wash polo t-shirts?

Make sure that you are careful with washing and drying instructions by checking the label. Now! Let’s talk you through the steps to wash the polo t-shirts.

Step 1

Make sure to button up the shirt to the collar.

Step 2

Before you wash it always, turn the polo shirt inside out.

Step 3

The collar needs to be flipped up so that it does get curled up. So, earlier if you used to face the issue of the collar getting curled up, now it will get solved.

Step 4

It is better that you wash the clothing items along with each other which are of the same color and material. For example, Stripe polo shirts should be washed with light & dark colors. In case you are going to wash red-striped or red clothing items then be careful. Do not wash the red polo with white garments.

Step 5

Always choose a liquid laundry detergent. Do not wash the polo t-shirt will harsh washing products as it will ruin the fabric easily or it might fade too quickly.

Step 6

Your polo t-shirt needs just one washing cycle and makes sure you only use cold water for it. When one cycle is done you need to take the polo t-shirt out from the tub.

Step 7

To dry your polo t-shirt you need to make sure the lowest heat settings are used. No need to keep them for drying in the dryer. Always make sure that the collar is up even when you are letting it dry. 2 to 4 minutes are enough for it.

How to fold or hang polo t-shirts?

Whether you choose to hang or fold the polo t-shirts it is okay. Just make sure to choose the right one so it can maintain its shape. Ideally, the folding one is suggested so that it does not get stretched.

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