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What are the most common T-shirt design tips which should be avoided?

Common T-shirt design mistakes

When you buy a T-shirt, What is that one thing which you focus upon? For me, it’s the DESIGN. No doubt, to make a great design takes precision, skills, and experience. Getting things in a hurry will not give you the results you are looking for, and the customers will not choose your brand. You need to give them a reason to choose your T-shirt so that they like to wear it over and over again. At Boykers we make sure to consider the design and whether it is right or not, just the way we want. We know it is all about the intricacies which the customers consider when they look to Buy Polo Tshirt Online. Here are some of the most common T-shirt design tips which should be avoided at all costs.

  • Sizing

Boykers brand is particular about the sizing because this is what ensures the customer gets what they are looking for. For example: Having a giant logo on the shirt will not look the best, and the person will not even feel comfortable. We stick to the design depending on what the sizing is so that nothing looks too big or small. It is the reason we stick to the limited print area.

  • Placement

Wrong placement will also make it look weird like it is on the center or extremely on the side, then it will look the best. Print placement depends on the location and staying in that area so that it looks flattering.

  • Fonts and typography

Typography is the most basic consideration which determines the way visual components are written on the t-shirt. The typography degree is an important thing that involves font, line spacing, and letter spacing. By doing so, everything will align with each other, and the t-shirt looks aesthetically pleasing. Bear in mind, keeping the font all-caps is not the best choice. But, yes do not keep more than 3 fonts in one graphic.

  • Composition

Composition relates to how every design has different elements and the way they are linked to each other. In case, there are many elements to be added to the t-shirt then you need to consider the composition to consider how the words are placed. The spacing should not be more and neither should they be placed in a bunch that nothing is visible properly. The key to the best design is giving proper time and effort so that you get to see the results you are looking for.

  • Image quality

Now! We all know how important it is that the print has to be clean and high-quality. If that does not happen then all your efforts will go in vain and no customer would love to wear a t-shirt from your brand. So, make sure that the image quality is the best as this is not something which you can compromise upon.

If you are looking for a T-shirt which is just the best and you don’t even have to second doubt about the decision, Booker’s brand has everything for you.

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