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What are the most common do’s and don’ts for the polo shirt etiquettes?

Wear your polo shirt in style
Do you have a polo shirt in your wardrobe? If Yes! Then you already have the most versatile shirts any man could have. Ideal for the summer environment, with the right fit to give you that best attire looks: Polo shirts can provide you with everything. If you don’t have one, then trust me on this, you are missing the mark to look the best. Buy Polo Tshirt Online and completely change your style. But, Do you know how to carry a polo shirt? In this blog, we have mentioned some of the common do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while you wear the polo shirt.

Do’s and Don’ts to look stylish in a Polo Shirt
A Polo shirt is so comfortable that men prefer to wear it everywhere from the office to while playing their favorite game. You can rock it with a tailored blazer or ripped denim jeans. Let’s talk you through the tips to rock your polo shirt.

Don’t: Never layer the polo shirts
Just think, ‘What is even the need to layer a polo shirt?’ The right fit of a polo shirt should skin and not hug the frame. There is no room to wear another shirt. Don’t make it a disaster by wearing an under-birth beneath it. If you want to make a fashion statement, then never make this mistake.

Do: Fitted is best but don’t go with tight
If you are not able to choose between a sleeve or bicep then it is better to get a bigger size. When you put your hands on a good polo quality shirt it means the material will be cotton. So, make sure it should drape your body but it should not be tight.

Do: Wear them as per your height
While buying the polo shirt make sure that it does not go beyond the midway down the bum. When you try to tuck it in, it will crumble and throw off the entire look. Moreover, do not go for the tennis tails (longer back hem) when you want it to keep untucked.

Don’t: No need to go for large logos
The trend of large logos is started by Ralph Lauren. Normally, you must avoid the visible logos but for the polo shirt, the logo is actually like a standard. Unless you wear it as a work uniform then don’t wear the ones with the logo.

Don’t: No need to pop the collar
A Big No: To pop your collar. It is over and it is not going to come again. You should leave that trend to the youngsters and keep your look minimal.

Don’t: Never wear a blazer above it
If you want to carry off a blazer then pair it with the dress shirt. But, don’t make the combination of a blazer and polo shirt.

Do: Tuck the polo
YES! You can tuck your polo depending on where you are wearing it. In case, you are wearing madras shorts then don’t tuck it. If you are wearing chinos or seersucker slacks then you can tuck it.

Now, you know how to style your polo shirt? But are you still looking for that perfect polo shirt? Well! What’s the wait? At Boykers we have that perfect option of polo shirt to make your wardrobe have that best choice to look for best everywhere you go!


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