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Interesting facts you should know about polo tshirt

A Polo t-shirt is one of those options which is present in everyone’s wardrobe. No doubt, it is possible that everyone prefers something different whether you talk about the color, style, design, or pattern. One certain thing is that people prefer to Buy Polo Tshirt Online. Okay! It is your favorite to wear all the time and you like to get it for different occasions. Their existence is for a long time…is there anything else which you know about the polo t-shirt? UMm…NO! Then this blog is going to tell you some interesting things about it.

Interesting things to know about the polo tshirt

  • Polo shirts are named after the designer Ralph Louren whose line got very popular. But, this is not what it is. The polo shirt is categorized as a sport shirt, knitted, pullover-style which has a collar and bottoms at the neck.

  • The Polo shirts are made from cotton which is the reason it is highly breathable and preferred by many. Apart from cotton, you can get it in lisle, interlock, and pique.

  • Like standard polo shirts, there is rugby style. Although it is different because it has a zipper and broad stripes which are the most important part of the shirt design.

  • Another great choice you can have is a T-shirt which gradually becomes one of the most important parts of everyone’s wardrobe with time.

  • During WW1 the European soldiers preferred wearing the polo shirt because it is lightweight, made with cotton, comfortable and best for hot days. Wearing such a comfortable and light clothing item is the best choice.

  • The term ‘Tshirt’ got official attention in 1920.

Choose the best polo t-shirt to fit your style

No doubt, the polo t-shirt has evolved a lot with time. The option of different prints, designs, styles, and patterns are the key factors that make it unique and preferred by everyone. Talking about the style you can try out the V-neck, collar, round, and whatnot.

The same goes for the design and its pattern. Be it formal, casual, fun, or dinner night, wherever you are going the polo shirt can be styled in any way you want. It is just that you have to style it correctly so that the entire look comes together. This way you can make a style statement in front of your loved ones or if you are trying to woo someone with your personality.

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