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How are the polos manufactured? Into how many stages is it divided?

When we are talking about polo, then we are talking about t-shirts that are not only durable but highly classic and versatile as well. These can be of different kinds of fibres based on the requirements and specifications of the people. The use of the fabric varies depending upon the choice of the designers, material and budget. Do you know that there is an extensive process for shirt manufacturing? Before it is manufactured, it goes through so many kinds of phases.

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Field to Gin

At this stage, the balls of the cotton are supposed to be put into the gin. It is the stage where the usable cotton is mechanically separated from the following:

  • Seeds

  • Chaffs

The modern cotton gins are the ones that make use of the following to obtain higher productivity:

  • Multiple Cleaning Cylinders

  • Saws

Spinner to Loom

The bales of the cotton fibres are then spun, combed and then blended. The carding stage involves the separation of the fibres into various kinds of loose strands.

After that, the cotton is taken off from a picking machine. The knitted cotton is then spun into a loom which gets transferred to the rough and the greyish fabric.

Wet Processing

At this stage, the fabric is treated with the following so that the final touch to its appearance can be given. The examples of that include the following:

  • Bleaching

  • Printing

  • Dyeing

This is the stage when the fabric goes through the inspection for grey textile. This process is further divided into three stages which are as follow:

  • Preparation

  • Colouration

  • Finishing

Screen Printing

The films are exposed to the images on the mesh screens to make sure that these have photosensitive emulsions. Each of the screens is sealed and exposed to the vacuum-sealed UV Table.

The rinsing of the screens are done with the water and the various images are checked so that accuracy can be achieved. The registration of the screens is done at the place where the automatic screen press has the potential of printing about 9,00 t-shirts per hour. The colour of each screen is unique which is loaded either with plastisol and water-based ink.

You might have thought that the manufacturing of polos is so easy, but it is not so. It takes a lot of effort on the part of the worker to manufacture the best kind of polo shirt.

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