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Which factors to consider before shopping for a good quality boys t-shirt?

Nowadays many people believe in buying polo t-shirts online. While the others who want to check fabric and all, consider buying it after doing a thorough examination. So for those who are very particular about the type of the fabric, size and the quality of the t-shirt, our today’s blog is especially dedicated to them:

How To Check The Longevity & Toughness Of The Printed Garments?

First of all, you are supposed to inspect the construction of the garment which will convince you to have a glance at the following:

  • Threads (Look if any of it is missing)

  • Stitches (Count and check whether they are permanent)

  • Hems (You’ll get a clue whether these are poorly manufactured or not)

How Can We Check The Quality Of The Fabric?

A good quality T-shirt will never give you the clue of being chunky.

Please Note!

If the fabric feels soft but is hard at the same time, then it is of good quality.

For the effective fabric check, please note down the following details:

  • Check the density

  • Crumple a particular part of the garment

  • Check the length

Did you know?

The longer the fibre will be, the better the quality will be.

How To Check If The Printed Design Will Never Get Either Cracked Or Peeled?

Regardless of the printing technique (mentioned below) to be used, the cracking or the peeling off of the printed material is the most common type of deterioration:

  • Screen Printing

  • DTG

  • Personalization

To know whether the print is cured in appropriation or not, just stretch a part of it. If it seems to be getting separated, then it means the printing is done the proper way.

Try to assess the cracks and the peelings in the corner.

By merely touching the prints, you’ll come to know about how many layers of the ink and the coated layers are applied. With this, you can know about the longevity of the prints.

How Can We Know About Transpiration Or Breathability?

Has it ever happened to you that you have bought a shirt because you thought that it was 100% cotton? But on wearing that shirt on the hot summer days, you come to realize that you are feeling hot and sweaty. It may be because of your ignorance at the time of buying the t-shirt. So if you don’t want to experience such a hot and sweat situation, please follow some tips:

  • Never forget to examine the fabric

  • Make sure you are touching the prints

Useful Tip:

If you are confused about something in the shirt. Like, you are not sure whether the fabric is good or not, then ask the salesman about it. If he is convincing you to buy it by saying that fabric is extremely good, then do not merely get swayed away by the sugar-talks. Ask them to provide you with a guarantee.

Final Comments!

If you do not want to get indulged in the hassle of checking so many things before buying a T-shirt, then rely on BOYKERS. We promise you not to give a chance of complaint concerning fabric, quality and style of course.

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