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Different techniques which are used for T-shirt printing

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Globally, more than 3 billion T-shirts are sold every year. Moreover, it has been seen that the T-shirt market is expected to rise by 5.53%. If we talk about the present time, then there are endless choices you can opt for be it style, design, or print. Even Boyker’s brand is coming with all sorts of different options for the customers so that they get everything they need.

Indeed! T-shirt printing has gained demand in a way and it is changing the dynamics of the T-shirt industry & the way it works. When you plan to Buy Polo Tshirt Online you will get different options and depending on your style you can choose one. In this blog, we have mentioned the various techniques which are a perfect choice when it comes to T-shirt printing. Let’s talk you through the world of T-shirt printing to choose the one which you like the most.

Different techniques used for T-shirt printing

  • Screen Printing

When we talk about screen printing, it is the most professional method. It is even known by the name of silk screen printing. The print with this technique stayed for a long time, it is bright & vibrant. Moreover, you can get different clothing items with this option like polo t-shirt, hoodies, and other options.

In this case, the printing is done through a screen made of nylon mesh and then ink or paste is flooded & spread properly on the screen. Voylla! It is ready.

Benefits of screen printing

  • Volume effectiveness is possible with this.

  • Offers a high level of scalability, with the templates & mesh screen which allows it to be used several times.

  • DTG (Direct to Garment printing)

DTG printing is a new approach that came in 2005. As the name suggests, the printing is done right away on the t-shirt & it works with the DTG printer. The working is simply done in the same manner, it’s just there is the use of paper for the ink.

Benefits of direct to garment printing

  • With this method of printing, there is proper detailing along with colors & complex designs can be easily printed.

  • With this, there is no setup needed and it is best for the one-off prints.

  • The direct method of printing makes it easier to get things done effectively.

  • Vinyl Cut Printing

With vinyl cut printing, there is the use of vinyl through the use of clutter and CAD plotter. The design is printed on the specific garment with the machine which emits heat. Through this, the printing can be done on garments like cotton t-shirts, and dry-fit sports. In addition, there is the use of glitter prints, neon prints, metallic foil prints, and reflective prints.

Benefits of Vinyl Cut Printing

  • It offers a great level of durability

  • The best option of printing where the quantity is low as the setup cost is also less

  • You get to print different colors and materials through this.

  • The turnaround time is much quicker as the setup requirement is not there.

  • Embroidery

To print on the t-shirt embroidery is categorized as a standard method. This is the best choice for the t-shirts & shirts required in the corporate sector. No doubt, it is one of the oldest methods which is still preferred in the 21st century.

Benefits of Embroidery

  • It is great in terms of durability and lasts for long time

  • Gives the garment a classy look and makes an elegant option.

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