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What are different polo t-shirt materials you can buy to style your look?

Best Polo T-Shirt Materials

The polo shirts are the primary choice for the person to style their look. If you are looking to Buy Polo Tshirt Online then Boyker’s has the best variety, and the t-shirts are available at an affordable price. Indeed! The shirt quality is based on the fabric or knit. Want to know which are the best materials for the polo t-shirt, read the blog thoroughly.

Different materials to look for while buying the Polo T-shirt

  • Blended

Blended fabric is used for the grocery store or corporate uniform. This material is known for having increased durability and is stain resistant. But, if we compare it with cotton then it is not that comfortable as they are not prone to sweating. The blended material for the polo t-shirts is the most common option in the market, and you can also get it under your budget.

  • Polyester

Talking about polyester the only best thing is that it does not shrink or wrinkle. But, with this breathability is the concern which means during summer it is not the best choice to go for.

  • Performance

Talking about performance polo, these are best suited for athletes. With this, silver is added to the material along with UV protection. These types of polos are made with blend & lightweight synthetics. Depending on the brand you are choosing, the price tag will vary. On the golf course and during exercise, these are the best choices.

  • Pure Cotton

One of the best options is the polo t-shirt which is great because of its durability, breathability, and wicking abilities. No doubt, there are cheaper cotton polo t-shirts but within a few washes the material will fade away and it is not worth buying. To ensure that you choose something which feels good on the skin and is comfortable go for a pure cotton polo shirt & this way it will also be worth the price you are paying on it.

  • Silk

If you want something with a shiny feel and which feels light & comfortable then go for the silk polo t-shirt. But, this is not the best material for this type. Especially in parts of India where the weather is extremely hot and humid. If you want something with silk then go for the t-shirts with the silk blend.

  • Linen

Linen has gained a huge demand in recent times. One of the best choices for knitwear as it gives a sophisticated and crisp look. But, it is rougher as compared to cotton.

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